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Absolute Salsa » Products Page » Misc » Vouchers & Tickets » Eve B4 Eve NYE FUSION

This will be the last FUSION of 2017 !

Ideal for people who dance Salsa, Ballroom, Bachata and Latin American. Music policy for the evening Four Salsa tracks (2 Salsa & 2 R&B), followed by two alternative rhythm dances, and so on through out the evening. Floor fillers guaranteed and of course its an Absolute Salsa night so fun will obviously be on the agenda. A great night for great people who love to dance to anything!

Kicks off 8pm with fun lesson
follwoed then with general dancing and fun till midnight

Entry £10 all night

£10.50 through website

Free parking, good dancelfoor and great Bar


Dances / music policy

Salsa – R&B – Bachata – Waltz- Tango – Slowfox – Quickstep- Cha Cha – Jive – Kizomba + Requests


Nunsfield Club

Boulton Lane

DE24 0FD


Old Price: £12.00

Price: £10.50

You save: £1.50

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