Nunsfield Club

The Nunsfield Club has a fantastic large dance floor and large Car Park. We are very excited to be running our friendly socials here. Entry to the venue is by the big red doors at what looks like the front of the venue on the right of the driveway.

Nunsfield House Community Association,

33 Boulton Lane, Alvaston,

Derby. DE24 0FD

Nunsfield House is located off Boulton Lane near to the Alvaston roundabout where the southern A6 road meets the Derby outer ring road. If you know where Spider Island is and the Blue Peter Pub at the bottom of Harvey Road, Boulton Lane is the road that splits off at the bottom of Harvey road opposite the Blue Peter.

Nunsfield House was built as a private residence in 1828 by Mr Charles Holbrook formerly of St. Peter’s Parish in Derby.

In the 1930’s Nunsfield House was acquired by Derbyshire County Council and used as a rates office and library. The childrens’ library was located in a room in Nunsfield House but an outbuilding was used for the adult library. Another room within Nunsfield House is used by a very long established amateur radio group.

In 1935 a decision was taken to build a parish hall for the local community. This is called the Jubilee Room and is located at the rear of Nunsfield House facing Boulton Lane. It still serves today its original purpose although ownership of Nunsfield House, Jubilee Room and grounds passed into the hands of Derby City Council in 1996.

The origin of the name “Nunsfield” seems to be lost in the mists of antiquity but a reasonable guess would place the said Nuns’ Field at one time in the ownership of Boulton St. Mary’s Church.