Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have two left feet?
A. And?

Q. I don’t have a partner? Will I need to bring one?
A. Not at all – many people come on their own. Although we can’t always guarantee a partner for you, we rotate partners quite rapidly in the classes, so you’d always have one every couple of minutes.

Q. Which style of salsa do you teach?
A. We teach Cross Body Lead on count 1. Meaning that the man steps forward with the left foot on the count of 1. We count 123 pause 567 pause.

Q. When does the next beginner course start?
A. Our courses run from January, April and September each year. Check the Lessons page for details.

Q. How does it work for complete beginners?
A. Our club night beginners’ classes run on a 12-week rotation basis. This means if you come in at week 2 or 3 you can still learn and stay with the beginners class until you have completed the essential moves and feel confident enough to move up to the next level. Ask the teacher whether or not you are ready to move up a level. People joining us on week 4 onwards are suggested to just wait until our next course.

Q. I’ve never done it before?
A. No problem – the beginner courses are suitable for people with absolutely no dance experience.

Q. I’ve missed the first two weeks of the course! Am I too late to join?
A. Relax, for the first three weeks of the course we run through the basic steps and timing, there after we start to progress with the course.

Q. I’ve missed the first four weeks of the course! Can I still join?
A. No, not really, you will have missed too much of the groundwork and fundamental essentials. If you’ve danced salsa before then starting half way through shouldn’t be a major problem, by all means have a go. But otherwise wait until we start our next course.

Q. Do I have to pay upfront?
A. To ensure your place and to save you money we ask you to book your classes in advanced. Some of the special courses we run are pay up front, you can if you wish buy our discount card, please click here for more details.

Q. Do I need to book?
A. There’s no need to book, but sometimes courses can become over subscribed, to be on the safe side book here or just turn up.

Q. Do you run courses in schools?
A. We can run classes in schools. Normally your school would need to contact us to arrange a convenient time slot and we would take it from there.

Q. What do I wear?
A. Casual please, some thing that you would wear to go to the pub, something which won’t limit your movement, jeans, casual trousers, skirt – I’m no style guru so its up to you.

Q. What is the age group, of people who attend?
A. Our classes are for adults only 18+, the range goes up to 83 years young. Please note the majority of our venues do not allow child due to licensing of their premises, so please do not just turn up with children as it may end in disappointment. All our classes rotate partners, we do not find it appropriate for adults (strangers) to dance with minors if not related.

Q. What about shoes?
A. We strongly suggest no trainers or thick rubber soled shoes. This is for your own safety. If you were to wear trainers and you were to turn the feet, the feet would stay put to the floor and the body would be facing the other direction, this is no good for the ligaments in the ankles and knees. We suggest for ladies a comfortable shoe with a low heel.  We also sell shoes for dancing. Please do not wear flip-flops or shoes without straps to keep the actual shoe on your foot.

Q. Where can I get the music?
A. We used to sell CDs, but nowadays its easier to try iTunes or Amazon. If there’s a particular track you like, come over and ask us or Shazam it!

Q. Do your classes run during school holidays and the summer?
A. Yes we run all year round, closing around the second week in December and re-opening in the second week of the New Year. Please check the website nearer to the date of a bank holiday as this may change.

Q. How much are the lessons?
A. We charge £8per person for entry in advanced or £8.50 on the door . This is to gain entry to the evening and entitles you to one class. If you are wishing to try a 2nd class then we £10 for the two classes per evening. The maximum you pay for the evening is £10. Alternatively why save some money and get a discount card?

Q. How can pay?

A. We accept cash or card. We do not accept cheque.

Q. Where can I dance?
A. We run three types of events: Fusion Nights At the Nunsfield Club in Derby, Salsa Fridays at The Polish Club and our massive Rollerworld Events. Each night has a different atmosphere – please see the events section of our site for our next night.

Q. What if I can’t get to my regular class night?
A. Don’t worry. If for instance you are unable to make your regular night on a Monday, try then our Thursday evening. All our classes follow the same structure and criteria for the whole of the week. This changes week to week. So you don’t need to miss a weeks’ lessons. Please see our lessons page to see which night covers which levels.

Q. Do you do private lessons?
A. Yes we do, we do get fully booked quite often so please book early to avoid disappointment. We charge £40 per hour for one to one lessons and we teach these from our home in West Hallam, Ilkeston. For more information and to book please check out our

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