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New Bachata Course



Folks we are super excited to inform you that we will be running a Six weeks Bachata Course . Over the six weeks we’ll be learning a routine with a combination of moves which are both familiar & new to most of you. During this process we’ll focus on the subtleties of how to lead & and follow and how we communicate through our connection with our partner. We’ll also experiment with timing, footwork & begin to think about interpreting the music. By the end of the six weeks you’ll feel more confident with leading & following the basics and the moves you already know as well as having some new moves to integrate into your dancing. Brought to you with fun in mind with the Glamorous Sharon Mayfield!

To ensure commitment the course will be PAY UP FRONT
Priced at £20 per person for the 6 weeks if you attend the Salsa classes on the same night. OR if you are just coming over for just the Bachata £39 for the course ( £6.50 per class). This can be paid on the door , but please bare in mind we are limiting spaces.

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